Boutique Psychology Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) allow employers to support their employees – and often their employees’ families – through confidential counselling sessions with psychologists. They help employees to deal with work-related and personal issues that may affect workplace attitudes, performance and productivity.

Access to an EAP provides a safe, confidential environment to understand and resolve issues that might impact their performance at work. Employees can gain invaluable coping skills and strategies. Even the simple knowledge that they are valued enough to be provided with assistance improves morale

An Employee Assistance Program or EAP provides employer-funded, confidential, short-term professional help for employees and sometimes their families confronted with personal issues. While the problems covered by an EAP often impact directly on work, potentially affecting productivity and workplace relationships, they also include personal and family matters causing employee stress.

What an EAP can help with

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Grief and Loss
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Communication Problems
  • Time Management
  • Relationships
  • Workplace Issues

Goals of our EAP service

  • Provide a solution-oriented approach and identify and improve options
  • Improve employee health, well-being and productivity
  • Reduce absenteeism, conflict and workplace stress
  • Empower the individual to develop personal coping strategies
  • Improve staff morale, employee retention and recruitment
  • Facilitate longer-term assistance at the employee’s expense if required
  • Facilitate external referrals (i.e. for serious drug and alcohol problems, psychiatric disorders etc.)

Employee Counselling

As part of Boutique Psychology’s Employee Assistance Program, counselling is an effective way to foster support for your employees, resolve issues and consequently improve productivity and work performance.

Our highly skilled Psychologist provides solution-focused counselling and coaching service for employees with personal and work related issues. They can accurately diagnose and resolve conflict in the workplace and provide team building tools and strategies. We also offer a range of classes and workshops.

Our employee assistance program provides priority support. The aim is to provide an early-intervention, solution-oriented approach that empowers employees to develop more effective coping strategies.

The Employee Assistance Program offers 50 minute consultations for the agreed number of sessions. Most companies offer between 3 – 5 sessions to their employees.

Communication Channels

Our counselling services are not only limited to face-to-face but are also available through phone and video.

Critical Incident debriefing

The sudden, overwhelming stress of traumatic events can produce harmful emotional and physical responses in the most level-headed individuals. Boutique  Psychology offers support for both companies and individuals who may be impacted. Our sensitive and understanding reception staff can happily guide you through unexpected critical incident support, making the process smooth and stress-free.

Benefits of Critical Incident Support

  • Assist individuals to process difficult and traumatic events in a timely manner
  • Ongoing support for employees to prevent reduced productivity
  • Reduction of stress surrounding a traumatic event
  • Confidential and safe counselling for employees in need

Cost-effective packages

Boutique Psychology offers pre-paid packages offering counselling sessions at discounted rates. Available in packages of 3 or 5 sessions, these sessions may be purchased for a specific employee, or can be used by any employee from the organisation’s file.

This is an effective way provide invaluable support for staff while reducing costs and increasing profits.

Training and Development services

Training and development psychology services are invaluable tools for personal and professional growth.

Contact Us

Your employees can make appointments directly with Boutique Psychology, on a voluntary self-referral basis. We manage the number of sessions with a negotiated cap.