If you or your child are struggling with reading, writing, or spelling, it may be an indication of a specific learning disorder (previously known as dyslexia). Cindy has a range of tools to complete the assessment of specific learning disorders (ages 7 and up).

The benefits of an assessment of this type for your child is the assessment provides information essential to the development of personalised learning plans and interventions. For individuals undertaking VCE or Higher Education, this assessment may assist with Special Support Examination Requirements or with access to equitable learning services.
The assessments undertaken depend on the need of the person being assessed. Reports are issued 2-3 weeks (once screeners, checklists and the assessment has been completed). Feedback is given at this time.


Learning Assessments are charged at $1050. This is paid at the time of initial assessment.

Cancellation – 48 hours notice is required to move the assessment time and date. If less than 48 hours notice is provided, a fee of $300 will be charged on top of the assessment fee.