Day oneDrink a glass of water when you get up
Day twoSpend 15 minutes outside
Day threeMake your favourite meal
Day fourTidy your junk drawer
Day fiveWatch a how-to on YouTube
Day sixTake some time away from social media
Day sevenBuy yourself some flowers
Day eightChat to a friend
Day nineTake 3 photos and share them with family and friends
Day tenMake up day, if you missed an earlier activity do it today
Day elevenTake some time out and binge watch your favourite show
Day twelveDo something you haven’t done since you were a kid
Day thirteenTell a friend how important they are to you
Day fourteenSpend some time getting ready for the week ahead
Day fifteenWrite a letter to someone and post it
Day sixteenDo something kind for a stranger
Day seventeenTidy your home/office/work space
Day eighteenGo to bed earlier than usual
Day nineteenDownload or order a new book
Day twentyRead one chapter of the new book
Day twenty- oneEnjoy a cup of tea or coffee

Well done for participating! If you managed to complete one self care activity every day, you have done a great job.
If you did a few and weren’t able to do the assigned activity every day that’s ok, it’s that you tried to make self care a priority and that is great work.
If you just liked one of the self care ideas and want to do that regularly as a way to relax, brilliant. Self care is what works for you best.